Our Approach

The approach by Tumasajista.com is based on the folowing three concepts:

A/ The body has the ability to heal itself After it is injured, the body is able to respond naturally to repair, remodel and recover itself. The alternative medicine approach by S.Martin enhances this natural process by putting the body in the path of optimun healing by stimulating the physical structure in the body.

B/ The healthy body needs movement. The body functions as a single unit to allow external and internal shock absorption and or production. The body units consits of four main system which work in synergy. Should any part be in disharmony,other parts of the body will experience the negative effects.

The four systems are:

1/ Active System this consits of muscles, tendons and fascia . These are structures that a person can activate and cause a movement to occur.

2/ Passive System this consits of bones ,joints , ligaments, joint capsules and disc( spinal).These structures cannot be activated unless they are moved, indirectly , by the active system.

3/ Visceral System this consits of the cardiovascular,reproductive,urinary and digestive organs. All organs are mechanically and neurally linked to the other systems it also releases hormones for communication with in the body systems.

4/ Neural System this consits of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. it provides the electrical network to control all the systems to function as one , this achieving body balance,that is, homeostasis. foto.

What does Tumasajista.com?. Manual Medicine offers a combination of Manual Therapy threatment like Osteopathy, Masage Techniques , Tuina, DLM, and Chinese Treatment. Manual Therapy involves a hands on approach to first discover the primary cause, and source of the dysfunction problem. Having identified the root cause,steps are then taken to correct it. All four systems in the body unit can be manually manipulated to promote healing.

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