Our body has the ability to heal itself

The Human body responds to injuries and degenerative changes by going through the process of tissue repairing, remodelling and recovery. This is exactly what Tumasajista.com does best - optimising your body's healing response to achieve the best possible outcome via manual medicine. Manual medicine is a combination of manual therapy and exercise - based therapy .It is a scientifically proven approach to the treatment and management of disfunction and pain in the bones ,joints, muscles, nerves and organs. The alternative medicine approach used by therapie manuelle.info is perfect it extracts the best of practices from Osteopathy concepts and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What does Manual Medicine do?

Manual medicine offers a combination of manual therapy and exercise-based therapy. Manual therapy involves a hands-on approach to first discover the primary cause and source of the dysfunction/problem. Having identified the root cause, steps are then taken to correct it. All four systems in the body unit can be manually manipulated to promote healing. Exercised-based therapy will complement the healing process as it guides the body through its normal range of everyday movement, sustaining the structural change achieved during therapy. This form of therapy has been proven to be a sustainable method for self-recovery and management.